DamaCas Shipping Policy

We endeavour to deliver products purchased form DamaCas in excellent condition and for this to be delivered to your address in the fastest way possible.

The delivery charges for your order would be based on numerous different factors including; the type of products ordered, the delivery address and the delivery speed. We will clearly indicate the shipping charges before you checkout. We will also indicate an estimated delivery time. Where available, we will also indicate options for rapid shipping for some products and the extra nominal charges

In the event that your order is cancelled, lost or undelivered to you, we will refund the complete order amount including any platform handling fee that was charged. In instances where the user violates our fair usage policy, the platform handling fee will be non-refundable irrespective of the order value.

Please note the order value is calculated after applying discounts / VAT / GST or any other applicable charges.

Fair Usage Policy

At DamaCas we work hard to ensure our customers get the best customer service, with positive experiences. However, there are instances where some users who abuse our liberal rights returns policy by typically returning most of the items purchased or by not accepting our shipments. The behaviour of a select few also affects our customers in various ways including users being deprived of the opportunity to purchase these items. To protect the rights of our customers, we reserve the right to collect a platform handling fee of ₹149 for all orders and also to disable the option of paying with cash on delivery.

Checking Delivery Options

You can find out if DamaCas can delivers to you by entering your Pin Code in the relative box which will give you a definitive response. You will also be given further information like estimated delivery time and other faster delivery options should they be available. We frequently update the Pin Codes serviced by us, so please do check this from time to time if at first we are not delivering in your area.

Tracking my Delivery

You can easily track your orders and check the status of this by going into your account and selecting orders or you can click HERE You will need your order number which can be found in the order confirmation mail you received or from your account, orders on the website. You will also require the billing Email to track this. This is the Email ID you used at the point of placing the order.