NGO’s in India making products

Known for its diversity in culture, different varieties of handicrafts made by artisans and craftspeople can be found in India. However, the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown has been hard. While everyone has been dealing with the pandemic, artisans and small-scale craftspeople have experienced a cruel blow too. The livelihoods of artisans are impacted severely due to people being confined to their homes which has led to the dying demand for their products.

To support the livelihoods of artisans, various NGOs in India have taken up the good Samaritan role and are promoting their handicrafts and craftsmanship to strengthen their art, helping them sustain a livelihood. Asha Handicrafts is helping thousands of artisans to spread their art throughout India. Asha Handicrafts helps artisans and craftspeople preserve their crafts of India by marketing their products including handmade jewellery, papier mache items, home decors items, kitchen products and toys. The society aims to preserve the unique craft of India through marketing them across the globe. The organisation helps to connect artisan groups to different businesses in India and abroad.

In recent years, many NGO’s have grown to define specific support to those affected. Many NGOs across India have been striving relentlessly to provide critical services to vulnerable groups of people. Thousands of NGOs are engaged with administrations across the country in combatting various socio-economic situations. They are actively committed to fighting challenges related to education, women empowerment, poverty, human trafficking, social justice, and human rights, etc.

Meer Foundation, a Mumbai-based non-profit organization intends to extend its support by rehabilitating acid attack survivors. The NGO aims to create a safe space and a network of support for the survivors and assist them with medical aid, legal advice, counselling and vocational training. Survivor-led NGOs for victims of acid attacks, domestic violence, acid attacks aim to support the survivor and offer them assistance to reestablish their lives through employment opportunities by supporting their skills. Meer Foundation has secured partnerships with The Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation, who offer acid attack victims a safe haven.

Domestic violence survivors are now taking charge and offering their support within the communities. SNEHA is a non-profit organization that operates with women, children, and public health. The foundation aims to reduce child malnutrition and gender-based violence and build a healthy living environment for all. Urja Trust Foundation, a Mumbai-based NGO was founded with the spirit to fight for the rights and rehabilitation of young women in unfortunate situations. The foundation provides shelter to women affected due to domestic violence. These women, who are victims of domestic violence, prostitution, trafficking, and economic discrimination are provided shelter and assistance to become financially independent through promoting their artistic skills.

India’s prolonged lockdown due to the ongoing pandemic has been particularly difficult. The fight against the pandemic has been a collaborative effort. The pandemic has been a phase of learning and appreciating the power of partnerships. The collective efforts taken by all are a testament to the union of social responsibility towards the citizens of India. DamaCas salutes the spirit of these diligent and driven NGOs for being the pillar of support for the survivors’ during their most vulnerable times as well as the artisans, during their hardships.

Joining this bandwagon, DamaCas aims to provide a platform that empowers the many invisible artisans and micro-entrepreneurs of India and connects them directly to the consumers. The e-commerce platform focuses on supporting the philosophy of Made in India by providing a place that exhibits the best artisans in India.

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