Advantages of online shopping

The Internet has transformed the way we shop. The rapid growth of technology has led the business to switch to the online marketing mode including E-commerce in their marketing strategy. Small scale businesses in India, are now moving away from traditional ways of selling and opting for E-commerce platforms to create a presence for their brand.

Suppliers, manufacturers and brands are utilizing the internet as their main channel to conduct commercial transactions. E-commerce stores do not have space constraints and enable an extensive variety of products can be displayed on websites. They help buyers to purchase a product by using a simple search method.

While E-commerce platforms are not only profiting businesses to sell effectively, customers are also benefiting from the E-commerce platform. E-commerce platforms are a great source of revenue for suppliers, manufacturers and brands if used wisely. E-commerce platforms provide a blend of simple digital tools that help businesses to digitally operate and market their product range. Because of the diverse advantages and benefits of E-commerce, more and more people, in India, these days prefer to shop online over the conventional method of going into stores. 

What are some reasons that many people prefer online shopping and what makes it so popular? Let’s explore some advantages of online shopping.

  1. Better Prices: Majority of E-commerce stores offer much lower prices than what we find at a physical store. To attract a higher number of customers, E-commerce business owners and suppliers jointly reduce their profit margin or provide more competitive rates. E-commerce websites make it easy to browse through dozens of different websites to find the best deal on products.
  • Easy Comparisons: E-commerce platforms allow customers to compare prices easily for a larger number of different products. This also enables the buyers to choose from a variety of product range after comparing the features, brand, reviews and the price of the products. In the absence of such platforms, customers have to currently spend more time going onto individual retailer websites.
  • Saves time: E-commerce platforms offer the possibility of saving time while shopping. Customers need to wait in long queues at cash counters to pay for the commodities as well as being surrounded by an increased number of other customers. With current restrictions and change in way of life since CVOID-19, customers can experience the comfort of browsing and shopping at home or workplace.
  • Fewer Enticement: Physical stores lure you into buying more things that you actually require. With posters, sales messages, and product placements, they entice customers to buy additional items. The most popular products are usually placed in the back. Many people end up finding a few extra items by the time they reach the thing they actually came in for. These tactics do not apply to online stores.
  • Wide variety of products: E-commerce platforms provide an excellent display of various brand under one roof. With a wide range of products on display, shoppers can choose from a wide category of brands, compare the products and prices. This enables the customers to shop for the essential items only.

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